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SRF zwei mainly broadcasts programmes aimed towards a younger audience. There is a heavy emphasis on movies, TV series and sporting events, much like its Austrian equivalent ORF eins. Feature films and TV series are often broadcast with both the German dub and the original soundtrack. Ein Download aus der SF Mediathek ist dank MediathekView ab sofort möglich. Alles, was Sie für das Original-Schweizer-Feeling im Wohnzimmer brauchen, ist das clevere Download-Tool, das in unserem Downloadbereich für Sie bereitsteht. Nach dem Download liegen die Videos standardmäßig im MP4-Format vor. Zum Betrachten empfehlen wir Ihnen den VLC-Media-Player, den Sie ebenfalls bei uns finden. Yogananda’s image, especially his moving image, would be of precious value to his devotees. Why does SRF keep him hidden from view? Ironically, those who are hiding him from us are those who need the photos and movies least of all, since they saw him living. This is not stewardship of Yogananda’s heritage. Markieren Sie Ihre Wunschsendung mit einem Linksklick. Drücken Sie dann den orangefarbenen Aufnahme-Button, um die Sendung herunterzuladen.

Im Pop-up-Fenster haben legen Sie die Auflösung und das Downloadverzeichnis fest. Ein Klick auf “OK” startet den Downloadvorgang. Welche Downloads aktiv sind, zeigt Ihnen jederzeit der “Downloads”-Reiter am oberen Rand. SRF zwei (English: Swiss Radio and Television Two) is a Swiss German-language free-to-air television channel run under the public SRG SSR broadcasting group. The first biography of St. Francis of Assisi was written by his direct disciple, Thomas of Celano. Later, the Catholic Church commissioned an official biography to be written by Bonaventura, the Director General of the Franciscan order. The Celano biography was then suppressed for centuries.

Only recently has it been published again in its entirety. The words of a direct disciple, about one of the greatest and most beloved saints of our time were withheld for hundreds of years. Die Sendung wird im festgelegten Verzeichnis im MP4-Format gespeichert. Das Video können Sie mit jedem Media-Player abspielen, beispielsweise mit dem bei unseren Usernn sehr beliebten VLC-Media-Player. Jetzt fehlt zum perfekten Schweizer Fernsehabend nur noch das Käsefondue.

About the Association

The Australasian Association of Bioethics and Health Law (AABHL) was formed in 2009.

It encourages open discussion and debate on a range of bioethical issues, providing a place where people can ask difficult questions about ideas and practices associated with health and illness, biomedical research and human values.

The AABHL seeks to foster a distinctive Australasian voice in bioethics, and provide opportunities for international engagement through its membership, journal and conferences.

Members come from all the contributing humanities, social science and science disciplines that make up contemporary bioethics.

Many members have cross-disciplinary interests and all seek to broaden the dialogues in which all members of the wider community ultimately have an interest.

The AABHL is a supportive, creative and challenging community that provides a rich source of continuing academic refreshment and renewal.

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